Saturday, 15 December 2007

Things We Don’t Have In France: Burger King

As a lot of people requested it, here is the shameful truth: there is no Burger King in France.
National tragedy.

Friday, 14 December 2007

Voyage au bout de la nuit

Last Saturday after Gerry visited us for a macbook party, Yvonne, Michi, Simi & I decided to have a drink in a pub. But Saturday 11pm is out of time in Reading. Sad pubs, closed ones, loud music, limited entrance, locked doors, hot Brit chicks, cold, vomit flacks, uk ID card, nurses and angels leaded us to dangerous initiatory travel through the local nightlife.
3 hours of errancy later we were back home without having drunk anything, but changed forever.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Things We Don’t Have In France: Expressive Typography Road Signs



Picture by Yvonne

On Wenesday Santa Claus brought us a lot of chocolate and clementines plus some awesome letter badges nicknames.
Dank u wel Sinter Klaaske!

Things We Don’t Have In France: Peanuts Butter Kit Kat Chunky

Oui, c’est bien un Kit Kat Chunky au beurre de cacahouète…

Friday, 7 December 2007

GU on WAD, Hurray

Gerard Unger is with us again this week! Beside our full time but colourful typeface design sessions with him, he offered us a couple of lectures, all great… as expected. On Tuesday he told us about one of his many personal heroes: the amazing puppet maker William Addison Dwiggins. His enthusiasm about Dwiggins' skilful freshness became even more communicative as we were looking at some of his books designs from the Gerry’s collection.
More on Dan’s blog.

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Matthew Was There!

Ou, l’homme au catogan

Thanks to Gerry, we got invitations to a lecture given by Matthew Carter at the RSA in London.
After some exciting adventures in a unmoving train we finally got there right in time to attempt the show. With emotion we listen too him going through a presentation of some of his emblematic works, explaining with clarity, humour and elegance what ‘hardcore’ typography is. Simon Esterson was there to lead the discussion.

What a nice groupie audience
But a night in London is way longer than a typographic lecture, and, after we enjoyed the glass(es) of wine the event sponsors really wanted us to drink, we had a wonderful magic time in the City, crossing bridges, having diner, jogging over the river, wagga mamming, gossiping in different languages and a lot more fun!
Yvonne and her gansta camera where there too…

Michael Twyman on Cinema Magazines

Manu looking at Cinémonde.
This week Michael Twyman told us about Cinema magazines, Art Déco, photogravure printing & world/pictures relationship. It appears that ‘photogravure’ has a rather different meaning in English than in French: the English term refers a very specific printing process based on metallic cylinder while the French one concerns the general prepress processing. Despite this little quiproquo we all enjoyed a lot these gorgeous pieces of printing.
Curiously there is nothing about that yet on Michi’s Flicker

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